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YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL

for Sony E Mount Camera, APS-C, Ultra Wide Angle Lens, Auto Focus

⭐Remote Control
⭐Ultra Wide Angle Lens (equivalent focal length is 16.5mm)
⭐f/1.8 Wide Aperture
⭐260g Lightweight
Suit for Sony FX30,ZV-E10 II,ZV-E10,a6700,a6600,a6500,a6400,a6300,a6100,a6000,a5100,a5000,a3500,a3000.
(When mount on a7R V,a7R IV,a7R III,a7R II,a7R,a7 IV,a7 III,a7 II,a7,a7C II,a7CR,a7C,a7S III,a7S II,a7S,a1,a9 III,a9 II,a9,ZV-1 Mark II,ZV-E1,FX3,FX6,”APS-C/Super 35mm” needs to be set on the camera to eliminate black edges )

YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL is an APS-C, Auto Focus, Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Sony E Mount Camera, Equipment with  Remote Control. It’s a boon for video creators.


The YONGNUO YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL is a high-performance ultra-wide-angle lens designed for photographers and videographers using APS-C format cameras. This lens offers exceptional image quality, a wide field of view, and a fast aperture, making it ideal for landscape, architecture, astrophotography, and creative wide-angle shots.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-Wide-Angle View: With an 11mm focal length, this lens provides an expansive field of view, allowing you to capture more of the scene in a single frame. It is perfect for dramatic landscapes, vast cityscapes, and immersive interior shots.
  2. Fast Aperture: The F1.8 maximum aperture delivers outstanding low-light performance and enables beautiful background blur (bokeh), making your subjects stand out even in challenging lighting conditions. This wide aperture also allows for greater creative control over depth of field.
  3. Advanced Optical Design: The YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL features a sophisticated optical construction with multiple high-quality elements, including aspherical lenses, to minimize distortion and aberrations. This ensures sharp, clear images with high contrast and accurate color reproduction.
  4. Digital Stepping Motor (DSM): The lens is equipped with a DSM for fast, quiet, and precise autofocus. This makes it suitable for both still photography and video recording, providing smooth and reliable focusing performance.
  5. Compact and Lightweight: Despite its advanced capabilities, the YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL is designed to be portable and easy to carry. Its compact size and lightweight build make it a convenient addition to your camera kit, especially for on-the-go shooting.
  6. Durable Build Quality: The lens features a robust construction with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability in various shooting conditions. The metal lens mount adds an extra layer of durability and precision.
  7. User-Friendly Design: The lens includes a manual focus ring for fine-tuning your focus, as well as an intuitive control layout that makes it easy to adjust settings quickly. The built-in aperture ring allows for seamless aperture adjustments.
  8. Wide Compatibility: Designed for APS-C format cameras, this lens integrates seamlessly with your camera body, ensuring full functionality and excellent performance.

The YONGNUO YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL lens combines ultra-wide-angle capabilities with a fast aperture and advanced optical performance, making it a versatile and powerful tool for creative photographers and videographers. Whether you’re capturing stunning landscapes, exploring architectural details, or shooting in low light, this lens delivers exceptional results.

Features :

  • Remote Control
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens(equivalent focal length is 16.5mm)
  • f/1.8 Wide Aperture
  • 260g Lightweight
  • YN11mm F1.8S DA DSM WL
  • Yongnuo
Suit for Sony Mirrorless Camera
Full Frameα7R V,α7R IV,α7R III,α7R II,α7R
α7 IV,α7 III,α7 II,α7
α7C II,α7CR,α7C
α7S III,α7S II,α7S
α1,α9 III,α9 II,α9
ZV-1 Mark II,ZV-E1,FX3,FX6
     ①35mm equivalent focal length: all lenses require x1.5 on APS-C cameras, and APS-C lenses mounted on full-frame cameras also require x1.5 due to auto-cropping.
    ②NEX-series cameras are not compatible.