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RF603 II

Manual Flash Trigger For Canon/Nikon/Sony Cameras

Wireless Flash Trigger, Speedlite Transmitter, For Canon/Nikon Cameras.
Compatible with all flashes and cameras that include a hot shoe mount.

YONGNUO RF603C II Flash Trigger 2 Transceivers Set Shutter Release for Canon 5D 5DII 5DIII 5DIII 6D 7D 50D 40D 30D 20D 10D 1Ds 1D  etc.

YONGNUO RF-603 II Radio Wireless Remote Flash Trigger for Nikon D800E D800 D700 D300 D2X D2H D200 D1H D1X D3X D3 etc.
RF603 II, the manual Flash trigger and shutter release ( you can use those two functions simultaneity ), it adopts a global free FSK 2.4GHz wireless channel which can be suitable in many countries. RF-603 II with FSK system, can be more effective to speed, distance and stability. Within capacious areas, the remote control distance may reach to 100m.

  • The highest flash sync speed up to 1/320 second (some of models may only reach to 1/250s or less, difference combination of models of flash and camera using may achieved difference flash sync speed).
  • Improved Flash / Shutter control Buttons
  • Working for more non Canon/Nikon cameras and single firing pin cameras — ALL Standard Hot shoe DSLR Camera except Sony and Minolta.
  • Adding the power switch for single transmitter — Set the power switch on TX (single transmit) or TRX (transmit-receive automatic switch) state according to different shooting requirement. When it used as wireless triggering transmitter and flash testing, set to “TX”; When it used as wireless triggering receiver, using shutter release or other extended functions, set to “TRX”. set to OFF means turn off the power
  • A set consist of 2 equal transceivers. Both of them can be a receiver as well as transmitter. It can trigger 1 flash with one set, since one serves as trigger and one as receiver. You can also buy additional transceivers to trigger 2 or more flashes at the same time.
  • It can fire the Studio Strobe light — You need to purchase an extra 6.35mm cable to fulfill this function.


Product ModelFor Canon: RF603C II
For Nikon: RF603N II
System TypeFSK 2.4GHz wireless remote system
ReleaseHalf-way press, Full-way Press
Receiver Interfaceone is 2.5mm Socket, for shutter release; one is standard PC socket for flash Speedlite or studio Strobe
Battery TypeAAA*2 (NOT included)
Receiver Stand-by timeUp to 45hours (Using AAA battery)
Package Size37 x 30 x 81.5mm