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YN42.5mm F1.7M II

For Olympus/Panasonic Camera, Auto Focus,M4/3 mount, Medium Prime Lens

F1.7 large aperture;
STM stepper motor;
Only 135g.
Suit for Olympus E-M5 Mark II,E-M5 Mark III,E-M10 Mark III,E-M10 Mark IV,PEN-F,E-PL6,E-PL7,E-PL8,E-PL9,E-PL10
Panasonic G100,GH5,GH6,G7,G9,G95,G85,GX9,GX85,GF-10,GF-9

The YN42.5mm F1.7M II lens by Yongnuo is a high-quality, budget-friendly prime lens designed for Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mirrorless cameras. Here’s an overview of its key features:

Key Features of YN42.5mm F1.7M II Lens

  1. Focal Length:
    • 42.5mm, equivalent to approximately 85mm on a full-frame (35mm) sensor, ideal for portrait photography.
  2. Maximum Aperture:
    • f/1.7, providing excellent low-light performance and beautiful background blur (bokeh).
  3. Autofocus and Manual Focus:
    • Supports both autofocus (AF) and manual focus (MF) modes for versatile shooting options.
  4. Optical Design:
    • High-quality optical elements with multi-layer coatings to reduce reflections and enhance contrast.
  5. Filter Thread:
    • Compatible with standard filter sizes, typically 49mm or 52mm (check the specific model for confirmation).
  6. Build and Portability:
    • Compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and use in various shooting conditions.

Benefits of Using YN42.5mm F1.7M II Lens

  • Portrait Excellence: The 85mm equivalent focal length is perfect for capturing stunning portraits with a natural perspective.
  • Low-Light Capability: The wide f/1.7 aperture allows for excellent performance in low-light conditions, reducing the need for a flash.
  • Creative Control: The ability to switch between AF and MF gives photographers full control over their focus, allowing for more creative shots.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: The multi-layer coatings on the lens elements help to minimize ghosting and flare, ensuring high contrast and sharp images.

Ideal Uses

  • Portrait Photography: Captures detailed and flattering images of people.
  • Street Photography: Compact size makes it ideal for capturing candid moments.
  • Low-Light Photography: Wide aperture allows for great performance even in challenging lighting conditions.


The YN42.5mm F1.7M II lens by Yongnuo is an excellent choice for photographers looking for a high-quality, versatile lens at an affordable price. Its combination of a fast aperture, versatile focal length, and quality construction makes it a valuable addition to any Micro Four Thirds camera kit.