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YN360 II light

LED Video Light, Ice Light 3200K-5600K Bi-Color RGB Full Color CRI≥95 + APP + Remote Control + Build-in Battery + AC Adapter

The YN360 II Light is a versatile and innovative LED light wand designed for photographers and videographers who require flexible and high-quality lighting solutions. This light offers a range of features that make it suitable for various applications, from portrait photography and video production to creative lighting setups and product shoots.

Key Features of the YN360 II Light:

  • Full Color Spectrum: The YN360 II supports a full color spectrum with adjustable RGB settings. This allows users to create a wide range of colors and lighting effects to match different creative needs.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature: The light offers a variable color temperature range from 3200K to 5500K, enabling users to adjust the light from warm to cool tones. This feature is particularly useful for matching ambient light conditions or creating specific moods.
  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index): With a high CRI rating of 95+, the YN360 II ensures accurate color representation, which is essential for professional photography and videography.
  • Two Modes of Operation: Users can switch between a natural light mode, which uses 320 LED beads to produce a consistent, soft light, and a full-color RGB mode, which uses an additional 40 RGB SMD lamps for creative color effects.
  • Remote Control and App Compatibility: The YN360 II can be controlled remotely using a mobile app, providing convenience and ease of use during shoots. The app allows users to adjust brightness, color temperature, and RGB settings.
  • Battery and Power Options: The light can be powered by Sony NP-F series batteries, making it portable and ideal for on-location shoots. It also supports direct DC power input for continuous use in studio settings.
  • Ergonomic Design: The YN360 II is designed with an ergonomic handle, making it easy to hold and maneuver. Its lightweight and slim profile make it convenient to carry and position as needed.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: The light can be mounted on tripods, light stands, or handheld, providing versatility in how it can be used in different setups.


The YN360 II Light is ideal for:

  • Portrait Photography: Provides soft, even lighting and creative color effects to enhance portraits.
  • Video Production: Offers consistent and adjustable lighting for interviews, vlogs, and cinematic scenes.
  • Creative Lighting: Allows photographers and videographers to experiment with different colors and effects to create unique visuals.
  • Product Photography: Ensures accurate color representation and detailed lighting for product shoots.

Overall, the YN360 II Light is a powerful and flexible lighting tool that caters to the diverse needs of photographers and videographers. Its combination of adjustable color temperature, RGB capabilities, and portable design makes it an essential addition to any lighting kit.