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Timer Remote Cord MC-20
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Timer Remote Cord MC-20

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Timer Remote Cord MC-20

Timer Remote Cord MC-20 is a Wireless Remote Timer Cord supports Nikon Canon Sony Samsung, Olympus Cameras.
With 2.4GHz frequency working frequency, it reduces interference and grantees high quality photography.

Product Features
- Lock screw Timer display: 7 segments/digit
- 5 digits Mode display: long exp and time (normal mode)
- Battery duration: approximately 80 hours (when shutter release button is pressed)
- Power source: Lithium battery CR2032
- Length: approximately 80cm
- Weight: 56g (without battery)
- Mode display : LONG EXP ,TIME and - - - ( normal mode)
- Electric beeper: Emits sound during long-timer exposure or time mode
- LCD illumination : LCD illumination button

Suit for:

-Nikon D70s D80 DSLR
-Canon EOS 30/33/300/50/300D/350D/400D/450D/500D/550D/1000D
-Olympus E410/E420/E510/E520/E30

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