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Flash Triger YN-04II
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Flash Triger YN-04II

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YN-04 II Wireless Flash Trigger with  cables

This listing is for YN-04 Mark II set with 1 receiver and 1 transmitter

New upgraded flash trigger for PT-04, reasonable price for power multi-functions:

1, There is a standard hot hoe on the YN- 04 II transmitter, but PT-04 doesn't have it.

2, The receiver has a standard 1/4" Screw hole, you can mount it into the flash bracket and tripod very easily.

3, You can fire two flashes at the same time, one flash can be mounted in transmiter, other can be mounted in receiver.

- Other flash models with a triger voltage of 12V or lower

4, It has strong anti-interference function and has 4 channels for you to choose.

5, You can fire the Studio Strobes with the 6.35mm cable.
(not good for Nissin flash)

6, You can fire the flash off camera with the 3.5mm cable.
7, 433MHZ Frequency

8, The max Working Range is 15 meters (Open area, without interference)
9, The Max. Sync Speed is 1/250s ( in a very perfect environment )

Suitable for Camera:
All DSLR Camera with standable hot shoe ( You need to buy an adapter for Sony and Minolta camera )

Suitable for Flashgun:

-Canon: 580EX II, 580EX, 550EX, 540EZ, 520EZ, 430EX, 430EX II, 430EZ, 420EX, 420EZ, 380EX
-Nikon: SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, SB-28, SB-28DX, SB-80DX, SB-27, SB-26, SB-25, SB-24, SB-50DX
-Vivitar 283, 285HV
-Sigma: EF-500 DG Super
-Sunpak 30DX, 422D, 433D, PZ5000AF
-National PE-387S
-Panasonic PE-28S
-and other Flash models with a trigger voltage of 12V or lower

Suitable for all Studio Strobles with 6.35mm plug.

Note: It is compatible with YONG NUO YN-467 / YN-465 / YN-460 II / YN-460 / YN-462

Package Included:

1 x YN-04 Receiver
1 x YN-04 Transmitter
1 x 23A ( 12V ) Lithium Battery for transmitter
1 x CR2 ( 3V )Lithium Battery for receiver 
1 x 6.35mm PC cable

Triger YN-04II Wireless Flash Trigger Set CTR-301P Fast Softbox TTL YN-467 remote cord shutter release battery pack led live view lens