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Flash battery Pack SF-18
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Flash battery Pack SF-18

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Flash battery Pack SF-18
Support to Use:
Sony Canon Nikon, YN 560 flash light

- Protective Design --- Included protect case which available to hold on the belt or bag; easy to carry. It’s also much increased the protection. The connecting plug anti-wrong inserts design; avoid missed using to failure flashlight system. There included the screw which can hold on the tripod mount.
- Performance --- Through the test, the external battery pack can be able to reduce the recycling time. The recycling time is less than half of the original; also this is increased double times of flash as original. It is very suitable to use in continuous flash.
- Much useful --- This product need to insert the 8 new AA batteries (Same battery type as the flash unit) through difference connecting plug, support to use Canon, Nikon, Sony flash light, and greatly to increase the flash light working ability. This is the best for the professional person.

1. Some of the reason, the battery stored for long time or the temperature problem; these may effect the battery power is lost, so need to choose the battery carefully. If there keep showing not enough power, please change the battery.
2. Manganese batteries are not recommended for their low battery; also not suitable to use difference brand, capacity and mix up the new/old batteries. This is much affecting the recycling speed and the flashing times. Generally to use high-capacity alkaline battery, the Ni-MH or lithium batteries to guarantee flash light using effect.
3. Please do not fire more than 20time continuously and take 10mins intermission before fire another shot. Prevent this to be overheated.
4. Please do not disassemble this product by yourself, because of its included high-voltage circuitry. If the product got any problem, please contact with the dealer. This is not a waterproof product and the working temperature between 0C°-40C°.

1. Connector plug
2. Operation indicator lamp
3. Battery cover
4. Battery magazine lock release button
5. Connecting cord

How to Use:
1. Follow the arrow direction to push down and release the button, then slide the battery cover to open it. Insert the battery as right position, and then close the battery cover.
2. Please turn off the flash unit power, open the flash unit external connecting plug cover, the insert the external battery pack connector plug to there.
3. Turn on the flash unit power source, then its work. (Cannot use the flash continuous over 20times)

External Dimension (WxHxD): 69x158x25mm
Net Weight: 170g
Application Temperature: 0C-40C

Package included:

Battery Magazine - 1 pc
Battery Protect case -1 pc
Manual - 1 pc
AA Battery Type Number of Flashes (Approx.) Recycling Times (Approx.)
Alkaline-manganese 250 Times 0.2-5 sec.
Ni-MH 200 Times 0.2-4 sec.
Lithium 700 Times 0.2-7 sec.

*This product is not included the battery, but can use the above battery type.

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