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Flash battery Pack SF-18Flash Hot Shoe Adapter YN-H3 for Sony Alpha and Minolta Dynax

Flash diffuser Sto fen
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Flash diffuser Sto fen

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Flash diffuser Sto fen
Flash diffusers are used in photograph to soften the light that hits your subject.

The diffusers help to reduce common problems, such as overexposure, red eyes, glare, and harsh shadow.

It is easy to use by fitting it to the flash head directly

Available for models:

Nikon SB-800, SB-600, DB-50DX ,SB-80DX

Yongnuo: YN 460, YN 462, YN 465, YN 467, YN 468 and other flashes with head dementions: 62 x 38 mm 

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