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Flash YN 468

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YN-468 e-TTL Speelite with LCD display for Canon DSLR cameras
Apart from TTL, M, S1 S2, Auto Zooming, Overheat Protection functions, YN-468 has the following advance features:

MULTI Mode: is the stroboflash mode. Under this mode, the speedlite will flash frequently according to the outpower, times that was set.

Rear-curtain Sync: You can use solw-speed shutter t produce trailing smear for the subject. The speedlite will flash at the moment when the shutter is going to be shut..

Exposure Compensation: In the TTL mode, you can make compensation of flash brightness within the range of +- 3ev,with the precision of 1/3ev. 

Manually set the focous postion of light head. The focous position of thelight head can be set manually amount 24/35/50/70/85mm.  


Guide Number” 33

Circuit Design: IGBT

Zoom Range: 24,35,50,70,85mm

Vertical Rotation Angle: -7~90 degree

Horzontal Rotation Angel: 0~270 degree

Power Supply: 4X AA Batteries

Lighting Times: 100-1500 times with fresh batteries

Colore Temperature: 5600K

Flash Control: TTL auto flash / Manual level 8 light quantity output control with 0.3 stop increment

Additional features: FEB, FEC, FEL, Auto Zoom, Rear-curtain sync

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